Welcome Rebecca Bloom Arts!

How adorable are these sweet growth charts? Rebecca is bringing them (in lots of colors) to Makers’ Market along with other beautiful woodworking items! You have to see them in person! Learn more about Rebecca:

“First and foremost I am a mother of a beautiful boy and girl whom I adore, as well as a wife to my loving husband. They inspire me to love life every single day.

My inspiration for wood working started with visits to my in-laws in the upper-peninsula of Michigan. My father in-law built his own gorgeous log cabin home where he also has a wood working shop where he builds unique items for himself and his family. Every time I would visit I would be captivated by these gorgeous and unique handmade wooden items and how they would generate positive energy from having unique wood pieces around the house. I started to purchase my own tools and my father in-law would teach me how to make crafts. It started to become a passion and I found myself taking classes, working with others, and expanding my knowledge within wood working. After making items for myself, family and friends, I saw a significant demand for these beautiful items. I have found people have an intensely personal and meaningful attachment to a simplistic wooden art form. Zen like designs using natural materials creates a relaxing and visual balanced appeal in your home. Now I have taken that desire and my passion and opened my own store.

There’s a story and passion behind every product. It’s that of a piece of reclaimed wood and the history that it has endured. Or the vision, creation and crafting of each piece by hand and introducing it to the world. With your help, we’re building a brand of passionate people who love our products and connect with the stories behind them and the peaceful and positive energy they create. We’re growing not only our family, but also a strong following of customers who celebrate the same passion and love for wood and its positive energy and delight in surrounding themselves by it.”

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